A BARF Breaking News Alert: The King Does it Again

I recently found some pretty hardcore items Burger King was unleashing on the world but a brand new one has just come across our desk.  I give you the Mac ‘N Cheetos.


These little babies are Cheetos dusted mozzarella sticks stuffed with macaroni and cheese.  You get an order of 5 for around $2.50 and they are currently being tested out here in sunny Southern California.  You also get a nice side of ranch dipping sauce to really finish off the taste explosion.

Honestly, I love what Burger King is doing.  They are just saying screw off to any though of being an actual restaurant and are going full Carl’s Jr./Hardees Frankenstein mashup.  This is the most excited I have been to try something since the Doritos Loco Taco, which is amazing if you haven’t had one.  I don’t have any nutrition information on this but needles to say, it is most likely terrible for you.  However, the small size of the order won’t make it a big gut busting menace like their previous items I discuss here.  I will see if I can find them around somewhere so I can come with a full taste review but these test market items can be hard to track down.  Look for a possible update in the near future.



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