Carl’s Jr Strikes Back

As reported here by the fine research team at B.A.R.F, Burger King had been really stepping up their game lately with the new menu editions of Hot Dogs, calorie busting omelette sandwiches, and of course, The Whopperito.  Not to be outdone, Carl’s Jr has struck back with their own gut busting new menu item, The Bacon 3 Ways Thickburger!

bacon 3 ways

Available at both Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s locations, the Bacon 3 Way Thickburger is the latest edition to the over-the-top burger items we have come to know and love from America’s least favorite fast food chain.  So here are the details.

This is a 1/3 pound burger topped with american cheese and of course, 3 types of bacon.  There are bacon slices, bacon bits, and the top and bottom are slathered with bacon jam.  That’s right, bacon jam.  This is made by combining balsamic vinegar, bacon, onions, and molasses and somehow making jam out of it.  I don’t believe there are any other condiments on it.  I was not aware of this but bacon jam has seen a 50% spike in use in restaurants over the past year or so.  I guess it was important for America to find a way to make toast even more unhealthy than slapping on gobs of butter, cinnamon, sugar, peanut butter, and various flavors of cream cheese.  U-S-A! U-S-A!

Now for the nitty-gritty, the nutrition information, and this sucker packs a wallop.  It checks in at 870 calories with 450 of those coming directly from fat…yeah, over half the sandwich is pure fat calories. It has an incredible 2230g of sodium which reaches the upper safe limit for adults so have your blood pressure medication handy prior to tackling this.  It also has 65g of carbs and 22g of sugar.  The carbs aren’t a big deal but that is a hefty amount of sugar.  It is almost a full day’s serving for a woman and about 60% of what a man should take in every day.

I love bacon so I am betting that this one would be one hell of a sandwich to try out.  I would rank this one as a “schedule clearer”, so if you are planning on eating it, clear your schedule.  I don’t think you will be up to doing much after finishing it.  If anyone tries one, please let me know in the comments how it tastes.  I am betting it is probably good for the first couple of bites and then meh the rest.  I find with these mashups and Franken-burgers, if you don’t eat them fast you start to feel the side effects before you are even finished.  If you are wondering where if you get get your hands on this burger I have included this handy map that shows where in the US you can find a Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr.  Some states are even lucky enough to have both, if you idea of luck is getting kicked in the stomach by a mule.





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